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    Default Install 1.5.5a on different server, use database from current v1.5.0 site

    I really wanted to upgrade my 1.5.0 because I have Ceon Advanced Shipper and Apsona Shop Admin (which, BOTH of those apparently can't be 'had' anymore), along with some other customizations that I need, but after considering the amount of changes that have happened over the last few years, including Security and Responsive issues, I have decided to build a brand new site. I'm going to put new zencart build (same domain name) on a different server (same Godaddy Hosting, I just have another GoDaddy hosting account I want to move the site to). I have many products, so I need to use my current database and photos. What, exactly do I need to do? Any links to existing articles, and/or advice here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!
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