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    Default Cannot sort out UK Tax and shipping zones


    I'm sorry if this has been covered elsewhere on the forum but I have searched and tried everything I can find and I still can't get the tax, shipping and payment zones to work. I have got all my products set to "Taxable goods", PayPal Express Checkout module set to zone "United Kingdom" and Table Rate shipping set to zone "United Kingdom" tax based on "Store" and "Taxable goods".

    As I have got it set up now, when I try a test order with my address in the UK I cant get past the shipping "Sorry, we are not shipping to your region at this time".

    If I change the shipping module to zone "none" it will allow me to get the total including shipping but it's not adding tax to the shipping cost

    I have attached a jpeg of all the settings, would somebody mind telling me where I have gone wrong

    Many thanks
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