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    Installed correct but zc_install/idex.php not running

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbdulRashid123 View Post
    Installed correct but zc_install/idex.php not running
    Please explain further. Curious how it can be identified that everything is installed correctly yet that zc_install/index.php is not functioning which would if (everything was) installed correctly.

    Although, are you truly trying to use ZC 1.5.2? That version was never released as a production use version. Version 1.5.5a is the current version. Perhaps you could also identify other system setup characteristics related to your server. PHP version? Etc...
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    Perhaps you used an auto-installer provided by your host? Auto-installers are not recommended as they might not be current BUT the main thing they do is remove the zc-install directory automatically. This can be a problem if you need to update an old database. Yes, the zc_install is recommended to be removed but not until you no longer need it for update.



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