I'm setting up Flat Rate shipping for 3 zones. I've started setting up zone definitions but before I get too far into it I thought I'd run this scenerio by the folks here first to be sure this will work, mainly I want to be certain I'm using the Zone Rates correctly to filter out countries. Thanks for any feedback

Flat Shipping rates as follows

UK 2.50

Europe 3.50

US, Canada and everywhere else 5.50

Setting up 3 Zone Definitions

1. Zone Name: UK - Country: United Kingdom - Zone: GB


2. Zone Name: Europe - Countries: Albania,Andorra,Armenia,Austria,Azerbaijan,Belarus
,Belgium,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Bulgaria,Croatia,Cyprus,Czech Republic
,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Russia,San Marino
,Switzerland,Turkey,Ukraine,Vatican City (Holy See)

(Each country having their zones added)


3. Zone Name: Everywhere Else - Country: All Countries - Zone: All Zones


Shipping modules Used

Flat Rate - 2.50, Shipping Zone: UK

Table Rate - Shipping Table: 900:3.50, Table Method: weight, Shipping Zone: Europe

Zone Rate - Skip Countries: all two digit ISO's from Europe (zone def 2.), Zone 1 Countries: 00, Zone 1 Shipping Table 900:5.50