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    Default Redirection to hosted site from locally-hosted test-bed after upgrade

    I was upgrading my site (finally!) to 1.5.5, starting with an XAMPP installation with a /local/configure.php override for the hosted configuration.

    I started thel upgrade by copying the pre-existing /includes/local/configure.php files to the /includes folder and performed my initial zc_install there. Once I'd completed the upgrade locally, I copied the files to my hosted environment ... first copying the original, Zen Cart 1.5.4 version of the hosted configure.php files to my local installation.

    I then ran zc_install on my hosted site and I'm up and running ... except that I could no longer log into my locally-hosted admin. Whenever I entered my locally-hosted admin's URL, I was redirected to my hosted storefront ... what the ?

    Since my locally-hosted installation now included that Zen Cart 1.5.4 /myadmin/includes/configure.php file, the constants that are moved (in Zen Cart 1.5.5) to the /includes/defined_paths.php were being pre-defined in that back-level hosted version of the file! That's where the unintended "re-direct" to my hosted storefront was coming from.

    Copying down the Zen Cart 1.5.5 version of the hosted configure.php files allowed me (again) to log into my locally-hosted admin.

    Posting the symptoms and solution here to hopefully save others some time!

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    Default Re: Redirection to hosted site from locally-hosted test-bed after upgrade

    Yes: using v1.5.4 configuration files on a v1.5.5 site will produce unintended side-effects such as you describe.

    Running zc_install (just visiting its home page) will convert the files to the new format for you.

    (Granted, it's a known issue that it doesn't convert the files in your "/local/" subdirectories at this time.)

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