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    Default Upgrade to newest versiom


    I finally tried to Upgrade my database from 138 to 155, but the choices I get when trying to Upgrade is as the Picture show. How do I get from 138 to 139 so that I can continue the Upgrade?
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    Default Re: Upgrade to newest versiom

    It should be added that I did get a Message first saying: "Upgrade to Version 1.3.9 completed" in a green Box and the red Box below saying: " Could not update to Version 1.5.0. We detect that you currently have v1.3.8, and must perform updates to get Version 1.3.9 first.Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Upgrade to newest versiom

    Do you still have a backup of your 1.3.8 database to restore/try again?

    Following this process:

    This problem should be repeatable on your test/temporary location.

    Otherwise, there are specific changes that are expected to have been made/conditions to meet in order to be considered at a specific ZC version.

    Some other things: to what version are you considering the "latest" (stated 155, but there are four sub-releases after the initial 155 release and if I remember covering the install sql correctly, one of them affects the 1.3.8 step of the upgrade.)? What process has been used thus far to get to the updated database that you currently have? Where did you obtain the fileset to do the upgrade?
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