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    Default Auto saving work due ot Stupid 15 minutes limit

    Since Ive been on Zencart for the past 12 years, the worst feature they ever added was the 15 minute timeout. Ok I'll be Blunt. STUPIEST Idea! I know , it was a security requirement we are told. But this pain in the A this has casued so many times outweights any over doen security feature. It is he one reason I planned to move my Cart to another platform this past year.

    So , now that I got my rambling out of the way. Is there a mod that Auto saves, so every time we are working on a product description and get the Dreaded LOG BACK IN error , we dont lose all the work we just did?

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    Default Re: Auto saving work due ot Stupid 15 minutes limit

    Admin Keep Alive Timer and there are also other mass populate/offline type plugins that allow customizing product information and uploading the data. Another good habit is to update/modify information offline in a plain text editor and then copy and paste once in ZC... Otherwise, the security aspect is not a "so we've been told" type thing but an actual requirement if you look up the requirements for PCI/PSS compliance.
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    Default Re: Auto saving work due ot Stupid 15 minutes limit

    You can turn off the forced 15 minute thing in your Admin->Configuration->My Store settings. That was added in v1.5.5

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