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    Default Trying to use EC Analytics & AdWords Conversion Tracking Tags Together

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    Hello Everybody,

    I tried to make Analytics and Adwords Conversion Tracking tags to both work on the checkout_success page and when i add the conversion tag, the analytics tag doesn't work anymore.

    I followed the forum and created a jscript_google_purchase.php file and placed it in a checkout_success folder in includes/templates/my_template. After doing this Tag Assistant only validates the conversion code on the confirmation page, no Analytics present.

    Does anyone know what can I do to make them both work on the confirmation page?

    Thank You!

    I am using EC Analytics plug in for Analytics.
    ZenCart V1.5.1

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    Default Re: Trying to use EC Analytics & AdWords Conversion Tracking Tags Together

    see existing thread here:
    no need for additional adwords conversion tracking, just link your Analytics account and Adwords account



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