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    Default Speed of administration

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    I would like to ask how you solve the problem with administration speed in 1.5.5e - We have a problem mainly with the administration of goods, cause now eshop have 42.000 of the goods and our overview opens for more than 120s, it is crazy! In 1.3.9 version we had 60.000 of the goods and have no this problem. Can some help me, what to do for speed up? Thanks in advance...

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    Default Re: Speed of administration

    Search of the FAQs on "admin slow" identified at least these two threads which may branch off to other related options/actions:

    How do I speed up my site?

    When I log into Admin, first page is slow or it just hangs forever.

    The second may be of more benefit initially, but both may help.
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    Default Re: Speed of administration

    While not a solution at all, an easy get-around would be to use a browser shortcut to the orders page rather than just the admin login.
    If you are logged in, you go to the orders page,
    if you are not, you log in then automatically go to the orders page.
    No need to see the admin front page at all, I have never used it for anything.
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    Default Re: Speed of administration

    hard to tell what exactly the problem is.... but no doubt sounds related to an sql query.

    i'm not sure if you are saying the problem is here:


    in either case, the solution is to track down which query is causing the slowdown and then to modify that query to only show the relevant data.... or as @torvista suggests, avoid that page altogether!

    in addition, in my experience, ensuring that your host uses SSDs for the hosting of your database ensures best possible speed for any queries, given the load on the server.

    the other solutions in the links provided could also help, although it does not sound like the checking of a new ZC version is the slowdown to me.

    good luck!
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