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    Default Cant change read-only flag on folders (Windows 8.1)

    Hi all. I'm new to Zencart but a seasoned user of osCommerce.
    While installing ZC on my localhost I came across a Windows issue (Win 8.1) that changing Folder attributes from read-only using explorer doesn't actually happen. Sure you get all the warm and fuzzy messages about changing all the sub-folders but it doesn't actually happen. Aparently Microsoft doesn't trust its users. This prevents me from following the installation instructions regarding setting folder atributes.

    When I look at the security of those folders they all grant administrator and system all rights except changing special attributes. Normally I wouldn't let this bother me but the username I chose for Admin and or the password ZC created will not let me log on to the back end.

    I've got direct access to the file system. Is there some way I can reset the admin username and password without going through a browser?

    All help will be gratefully received.

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    Default Re: Cant change read-only flag on folders (Windows 8.1)

    To reset your Admin password, you have 2 options:

    1. If you've never logged into the Admin at all, you could just re-run the installation procedure, and it would reset everything (delete the database content) and create a new user and password.

    2. If you specifically want to just reset the Admin login, you'll need to access your database; usually that's done using a tool like phpMyAdmin, or some MySQL access tool provided by your hosting company. The process is described in this FAQ article: How do I change or reset my Admin Password?

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