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    Regarding close thread here

    How we can create a control switch on edit product to apply the code to certain product. Like check box when checked it apply the code otherwise not.

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    So a sort of throw together of things, a while back I proposed for one individual's use a marker/toggle that could/would appear on the catalog list having at least two states (on/off). That information is kept in a separate database table which means that it has less interference with standard ZC code. Anyways, I thought it included a feature to be able to look up the data stored in such a way that it's function could be used to support your issue.

    Alternatively and what seems like standard methods of most plugins is to add a field to the products table that would hold your "on/off" state and then you could look up the on/off state using the same zen_products_lookup function as described in that thread.
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    Can you share any module that create such on/off or checkbox control field so I Can review files to create this one?

    So far I have create checkbox on edit product page and added code on tpl product info display but its not working.



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