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    Default Feedback on my site

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    I wonder if I could get some feedback regarding my site, things I my have overlooked, please be gentle lol.

    thank you Bridget

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    Default Re: Feedback on my site

    ttps:// is the better place to post. More likely to get more responses.
    Some thoughts from the compound.
    I always go to html and css first. Out of the box, Zen Cart has one or two glitches but no errors that would alter what a customer sees in their browser. You have added snaf and, although not visible on the main page, its code inserts 8 html errors. The W3c css validator shows 25 errors. Notice these are errors versus warnings. Html shows a few warnings and css 23.
    You are shooting yourself in the foot when you add keywords in today's browser/Search Engine world. Keywords that do not match the item on the page WILL harm page rank. Best to spend time on product description and back off on the keywords until you can find time to make them "fit" the page. Really bad is the use/non-use of commas in the keywords.
    scrapbooking ephemera, junk journal kit, DIY junk journal kit, printable diary pack,journal refills, DIY journal,digital paper pack, writing journal,shabby chic,vintage letter,altered art,vintage scrapbooking,vintage ephemera,A5 printable vintage planner insert,half letter,planner pages,vintage style,A5 vintage planner insert, A5 printable vintage planner pages,A5 journal planner pages,shabby chic,a5 refill pages,Digital Travel Diary,Vintage Journals,Art,Journals,Planners,Pocket,Letters,Journaling Spots,Scrapbooking,Card Making,vintage junk journal,vintage tags,planner kits,altered word strips,clipart dolls,pocket journal kit,postcards,printable,Vintage Junk Journal, Mixed Media Art, printable Vintage,printable shabby,mixed-media,art journaling,timeworn printable,cards, journaling, altered art,A5 Journal Pages,journal papers, vintage journal, grungy, journal pages, diy junk journal,vintage junk journal, journal refill pages."
    is just part of the problem. You've even added a period at the end. That oughta keep 'em guessing.
    Seems as if this was the basis with other things to be added. At the beginning of the keywords, we have
    Chalkboard Jar Labels [jar 1] Print Your Own Cards Bargain Bin Art Journaling Supplies Mixed Media Mixology Printable Journal Supplies A5 Planner Printable's Clipart Vintage printable downloads for junk journal,
    Again, some interesting characters and punctuation (or lacck thereof). All of this on the Chalkboard Jar Labels page. You can see why Google and the other SEs might think you're trying to stack the deck.
    Those things will greatly improve results in the presentation and selection by the SEs.
    Next, I'm going to try to look at a site as a buyer. The first thing that I thought when seeing the site is, "Where's the add-to-cart button for the Design Mad Artist logo?" It literally takes up half the page on every page of a 24" screen with the browser at full screen! So it must be an item for sale, right?
    Seriously, one must decide what they want to put in front of the customer and adjust accordingly. Again, full screen, there's no way I can look at all the information for the Chalkboard Jar Labels. You've added no less than 15 line feeds (you used <br> vs the <br /> recognized by most browsers) in the product description for this item. The lack of html coding in the description (like <p>some text</p> means that the system has to guess what font to use. In this case, the font winds up being 1.2 times normal and spacing is 1.5 times normal. It REALLY gets freaky when you put it on an iPhone 6s in portrait. I normally suggest that clients set the logoWrapper to display:none; in the responsive_mobile.css stylesheet. You'll see how much landscape is used by the logo and tagline if you view the site in portrait on a phone.
    I notice that every item is asking me to choose how I want the item. Funny thing is, there's only one way to get them. Are you planning on expanding at some later date?
    As the folks that know the product best, we often overlook things that might confuse the customer. "Looks perfect to me" is something I never say about my own work. I may understand it perfectly but, will someone else who may not be an expert in the field. For example (still on the Chalkboar Jar Labels),
    Blank write your own chalkboard jar labels.
    was confusing to me until i changed it in my mind to
    Blank, write-your-own chalkboard jar labels.
    Might need to be different for the UK or a specific area but, without the punctuation, I was confused. Something like
    <h5>Chalkboard Jar Labels<?h5>
    <p>This item is 12 images of the Chalkboard Jar that will fit an A4 sheet of labels that are 2,5 x 3.5" (sic). Just grab a white marker and add a stunning label to your homemade items. Great for adding a special touch to gifts.</P>
    THe 2,5 x 3.5" is what's on the site.
    Another example of confusion for me was the Baby Advice Card. The only line that describes the "look" is really two sentences with adice (sic) versus advice. Then, in the WHAT YOU GET (don't know why you'r hollering), we're told it's one A4 sheet. Then, at the end of that line, we find "(A6 size)".
    If you want to add a link to help, make sure it's a link and that it opens in a new window.
    For help on this:
    should be
    For help adding text on top of a photo, see: <a href="" target="_blank">Microsoft Help Adding Text to Photos</a>
    sometimes using a URL "shortening" method like tiny URL is nice to use. In this case, the above would become
    For help adding text on top of a photo, see: <a href="" target="_blank">Microsoft Help Adding Text to Photos</a>
    Watch the http versus https. You don't currently have an SSL installed but, when you do, you will need to make sure links off your site always use https.

    Next thing I would look at is the product images. You rightfully want to protect your product(s) and have a watermark on the images. However, that watermark only appears on the enlarged image and not the product icon. I can simply right-click and save the image with no watermark at all.

    You see why I say we sometimes don't see the forest for the trees.

    I know this seems like a lot. But, what I'm trying to point out is that we should fix html and css first, meta data second, and then head to the products making sure each is as correct as we can make them. With these "Big Three" covered, we can make money while we tweak all the other things on the site.

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    Default Re: Feedback on my site

    UK-based ... ? But prices showing in US dollars. Is this intentional?

    Shop Logo is far too big. You may be very proud of your logo, but a planet-sized logo annoys customers who constantly have to scroll past it to see each page as the pages refresh. Logos are best kept small - around 125 - 130 pixels high. Also... it's a GIF image and is 1200 x 300 pixels, so it is consuming bandwidth. Bad news for pagespeed.

    Name:  dma.jpg
Views: 129
Size:  23.5 KB

    My shop logos are seldom taller than 75 pixels.

    The logo (as a GIF) looks very bit-mapped. This may be intentional, but looks very amateurish

    Also, get rid of the "Vintage Printable Downloads" under the logo... It's being said in the logo itself. Again, more space to scroll past.

    Product images are not very good... they look burred, smudged and I many cases I cannot even determine what is being shown. It may be better to have more images (using Additional Images feature) and to show the products in higher focus and greater detail (close-ups). In your case, top-rate images are critical - as this is essentially what you are selling. Even though you may be operating in your spare room at home (like me), you need to look like a Bond Street Art Dealer online.

    Who's Online sidebox. Consider removing this. Nobody cares "who's online" (except you) - and if it shows a low number, visitors get the impression your site is unpopular.

    I disable the right column entirely... Research by Jakob Nielsen shows that websites are navigated according to an "F-Pattern" of eye movement. Go search "F-Pattern Jakob Nielsen" to see what this is about.

    Keep the watermarking on the large images. You are essentially selling images, so protect the larger ones. Don't worry about small images - people can't use them.

    On the positive side... very clean and plain - this is good. Less is more these days (especially on mobile devices).
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