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    Default This post is just about praise for Dr. Byte and the whole ZC team.


    Not many people know this but I was a contributor to the OSCommerce project. Back in the days where if your last name wasn't either Halstead or Standen or David Garcia Watkins you were nobody.

    What you guys did with Zencart since then and especially this upgrade path from 139 to 155 is just freaking amazing. That upgrade path was a dream. We looked at the scripting. You did a rollover SQL script. It's a pretty "far reaching" upgrade path and the DB level and you guys just made it transparent.

    You guys could have just updated to PCI compliance and called it a day but you did some serious work on the upgrade and support path. I'm looking at countless hours.

    You guys hit it out of the park on this one. I am having trouble figuring out another way so say this but I love you, I trust you and what you have done for my clients?

    Every single one of my clients should name their kids after you.

    Now there is one thing to say. If my saying "you guys" seems gender-exclusive, know that I am a Southwesterner and "you guys" is kinda like saying "y'all". To us it's a gender-inclusive term. Awesome female coders are very much a part of this scene.

    I'm just happy to be part of it.

    And guys? Thanks. Just thanks. I have this client that had a daughter An infant. And now she is a beautiful young lady and we're sending her to college. Do you realize that we have helped businesses and families grow? At this point we literally have children that are college age and they grew up because we helped their parents to do commerce.

    That's a rhetorical question. You already know you built families. Whole families. All over the world.

    Regards from

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    Default Re: This post is just about praise for Dr. Byte and the whole ZC team.

    So easy, when things go wrong, to rant & rave at the world in general. Lord knows, I still do it after 30 years of computing. So it is nice to see thanks & credit roll in.

    I have been using Zen for several years now and the team have always come up with suggestions. Some do not immediately help but they open up avenues of thought which, when investigated, increase knowledge (though quite often not directly fixing the problem one gets more understanding and starts to know what the words mean). Just realised - I am here some five years now under this userid, but I had one well before that when I was testing ZC against competitors.

    You can run a shop without knowing much about it. However, if you want to Admin a shop then you need to get in there and get your hands dirty. Being a long standing PHPBB Forum Admin I know the trials & tribulations, and the panics, of the job. I am not a nerd/geek/whizzkid. Way back when, as a burgeoning manager, I was taught that one does not need to know everything, just where to go to get the information. Having a Forum like this, unpaid, quick responses etc. is a gem. Buy a package off the shelf and you could well pay for this type of service.

    So, big applause for all the volunteers.

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    Default Re: This post is just about praise for Dr. Byte and the whole ZC team.

    Eeks! Busted! Yup, there were a lotta hours and testing put into all that stuff, by the whole team.

    Thanks for your kind words. We're grateful to have positively impacted so many people around the world.

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    Default Re: This post is just about praise for Dr. Byte and the whole ZC team.

    I would like to add my thanks to the Zen-cart cart team, and the plug-in contributors.
    My daughter runs a (very) small business, and there was no way she could afford a commercial package, but I used Zen-cart to set a wholesale site up for her.
    All her customers (about 25) are small traders, who pay by bank transfer, so the invoice payment plugin was a godsend.

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    Default Re: This post is just about praise for Dr. Byte and the whole ZC team.

    It's been a long time since an upgrade but yeah, when i saw the new versus the old... i am thinking these guys should be getting a good wage for this. Gonna have to buy them a bagel or maybe a bag of warm chestnuts if i can find a link for that.

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    Default Re: This post is just about praise for Dr. Byte and the whole ZC team.

    @DrByte's signature contains the relevant links.
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