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Umm... Do you need just the filename or do you need the html <img> tag that provides the image? (or even from that to pull the filename?) If you use the zen_image function to return the generated value, then you will receive the html tag that should contain all that is necessary to display the image. If it is the directory path only needed then the string can be parsed from the content (src parameter), if it is an image tag, then it is the entire returned value from the function.
I guess one could achieve this in the front store, and the images paths would be easy to get. And maybe I'll do that, still testing. I thought that using a json file, the searches would be faster. It's all very beautiful when testing with 50 books. But with the inteire catalog, that's when man's get separated from boys. A lot of jquery knowledge is needed, etc, etc.... And I'm a boy :)
Anyway, I leave my suggestion open, to use IH as a tool that could be use by other modules, etc.