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    Default Installing themes

    i am having a problem with installing themes,

    i don't know why but every single theme i install once i install it i get an error on the admin side that says an error has occurred and to refresh the page, but that's all i get,

    for example, i have the responsive theme like Sheffield blue, and no matter what theme i install same things are happening, and i have tried this a few time with different responsive themes,

    any help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Installing themes

    There are a few FAQs that are core to working with ZC. In troubleshooting they are pretty much the same thing (look for logs of errors) then if not present try to figure out where/when execution stops.

    Anyways specifically for your message:

    As to theme "playing". Some perform an installation that would conflict with the last installed theme if the last theme either wasn't removed or the next theme's installer wasn't written to quietly install. I'm sure you'll find out all sorts of things as you progress forwards with the above assistance.
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