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    Hey, Nice fix :)


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    OOPS! I forgot to return with the final that got included into 1.5.6. The above works but, this is a lot cleaner thanks to DrByte.
    This occurs on different lines in each of the documents. You only need to change the one that effects your current cart. It will be replaced in all instances in 1.5.6 and later.
    <!--bof branding display-->
    <div id="logoWrapper" class="group onerow-fluid">
        <div id="logo"><?php echo '<a href="' . HTTP_SERVER . DIR_WS_CATALOG . '">' . zen_image($template->get_template_dir(HEADER_LOGO_IMAGE, DIR_WS_TEMPLATE, $current_page_base,'images'). '/' . HEADER_LOGO_IMAGE, HEADER_ALT_TEXT, HEADER_LOGO_WIDTH, HEADER_LOGO_HEIGHT) . '</a>'; ?></div>
    <?php if (HEADER_SALES_TEXT != '' || (SHOW_BANNERS_GROUP_SET2 != '' && $banner = zen_banner_exists('dynamic', SHOW_BANNERS_GROUP_SET2))) { ?>
        <div id="taglineWrapper">
      if (HEADER_SALES_TEXT != '') {
          <div id="tagline"><?php echo HEADER_SALES_TEXT;?></div>
      if (SHOW_BANNERS_GROUP_SET2 != '' && $banner = zen_banner_exists('dynamic', SHOW_BANNERS_GROUP_SET2)) {
        if ($banner->RecordCount() > 0) {
      <div id="bannerTwo" class="banners"><?php echo zen_display_banner('static', $banner);?></div>
    <!--eof branding display-->
    Furthermore, what I discovered is that the height seems to not be used BUT has to be a value in the header.php and a call in this file. Prior to this change, the logo image HAD to be sized outside the system. If you needed a 900px x 450px image, you could not use an 1800px x 900px image and tell the header.php to resize it to 900px x 450px.
    After this patch, you can use any original size image and tell the header.php to increase or decrease the logo's size by changing the width. Changing the height has no effect.
    The good news is that the image is resized proportionately. IOW, if you put 1350px for the width of the image that is a size 1800px x 900px, the system will automatically adjust the height to 675px.
    Just make sure you don't pixelate the image in the process.


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