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    Default Adding calender or booking system

    I have read several threads regarding the topic, one where it says to copy and paste from google calender, use the iFrame in ez page, tried that, makes the iFrame, opens up in new window but then error, only white page with error meassage.

    Anyone knows how to implement either Google calender og even better a booking system in ZenCart?

    I am new to ZenCart, installed for first time a couple of days ago, but quite happy with the outcome, but would like the calender/booking to work before making public.....

    I appreciate all comments :)


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    Default Re: Adding calender or booking system

    There is a plugin that provides a delivery date option/operation from the checkout_shipping page. The plugin collects the delivery date information as part of the total order (not a single product style) but probably could be used to populate an attribute text field if desired to have information collected just for the product. This would likely need a revision for several areas if moved to the attribute area and mostly to remove related functionality of the plugins application to the overall order.

    At this moment the plugin needs to be repackaged for download from the ZC forum, but this and any related issues are discussed in the plugin's thread.

    The plugin: order delivery date can be found:

    All of that said, I'm not sure that it offers the full operation that you may be seeking regarding a larger scheduling system. Ie. Limited quantity of product available for particular dates of an event. (though something like this could be done with say Stock By Attributes and possibly a mass import/export program which there are basically three at this time EasyPopulate V4, Apsona, and database IO, though EP4 has been designed to include some SBA related operations).
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