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    Default fixed pricing for attributes

    I have site which sells fabric. Customers buy fabric by yard. I would also like them to be able to order samples. I have setup 2 attributes "Yards" and "Sample" but it does not seem to be accomplishing what I need. The attribute prices seem to be always relative to the product price but I would like it to be fixed for 1 attribute and relative for another. For example I have a fabric 1 which sells for $100 per yard and fabric 2 which sells for $200 per yard but I would like a sample to be $1 regardless. Is there a way to accomplish this with attributes? Is there a plugin which would accomplish this?

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    Default Re: fixed pricing for attributes

    How much would you charge if they wanted 2 or more samples? $1 each?

    Basically you would make the product priced by attribute. You could use a price factor for the sample so that it would not be misleading that the product would always cost at least $1.

    The product would/could be sold by the quantity such that if it is sold by the yard, a total of 2 in the quantity box would indicate 2 yards. Of course may need to allow different unit quantities to allow purchase of say half of a yard, etc...
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