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    Default Question installing Stirling Black

    Hi everyone,

    I hate to ask this as I have been trying to install the Stirling Black Responsive and not having any luck. I went through all of the steps and when I go back to admin itís not there. I have tried a few YouTube videos but not sure what Iím doing wrong. Iím working through c panel. I have version 1.51 and havenít had any updates only updated to the current version at that time two years ago from someone who did my site. Should this template be going in my website admin directory or somewhere else. I previously installed the Upscale Boutique a few days ago which I had luck installing and I really liked but had to take it off when I found out it wasnít mobile responsive. Any help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Question installing Stirling Black

    Installation of Anne's templates takes a little of both (admin and store side); however, file placement in the correct locations is enough for the template to at least appear in the list of templates on the right side within the template selection area of the admin.

    Specifically copying the files into the includes/templates directory will produce the option to select the template. There are more files involved for it to work properly but that's not the issue at the moment.
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