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    red flag How to show "Subscription Manager" under "Customer" tab?

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    I installed Newsletter Subscribe v 3.0.1 for Zen Cart v1.5.x for my zencart. Everything went fine except I didn't click "yes" on Show on menu. Now I cannot see "Subscription Management" under customer tab. How to fix it? I am so upset with myself......
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    Default Re: How to show "Subscription Manager" under "Customer" tab?

    Wish I had the straight up answer for you.

    Instead I have ways to address it.

    Ideally, this is something to be discussed in the forum thread for the application after a review of that thread to see if someone had the same issue and how it was "corrected".

    The "easiest" may be to execute the database removal instructions and then the database install instructions. This way no files really need to be removed from the server. This of course depends on the process that the application uses for installation.

    Could review the code to see what command is run for when the checkbox is marked and then execute the same command as necessary/able.

    Review the instructions to identify if the solution is provided there as well.

    Maybe wait for someone to do the same type of review and provide the specific or direct answer.

    Again, apologize that don't have the specific answer for the case, but all is not lost. :)
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