I don't need help with ZC. I need help finding a shipping company that doesn't rape me.

Here's an example. I have 2 customers in France that order wholesale from my ZC store. When I get rates from Fedex or UPS, the cost is (as an example) $500. My customers in France use a shipping aggregator called Boxtal. They can order the same shipment that I pay $500 for, for less than $150. In one case they used the same shipper (Fedex). in the other case they used DHL. But the price was between 1/4 and 1/3 what I would have to pay, even with my account discount with Fedex. (note, I get the lowest account discount as my volume is not high)

Another example: I had a customer in Brazil. I got pricing from Fedex. He opened a new Fedex account there, and was able to do the shipment for about 1/4 what I paid. Same exact box dimensions and weight.

My costs importing from China using my account is way higher than when they ship using their own shipping companies there.

I feel like I'm really missing the boat. Isn't there a good shipping aggregator that we can use for outgoing and incoming shipments internationally? Basically, I think I need to get with a company that does lots of shipping with these big companies and is able to get away from the retail prices due to their volume, and then pass a bunch of that savings on to the customer. It would even better if they had ZC integration.

But basically, I just want to quit being gouged to death by Fedex and UPS. Anyone have some good tips about this?