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    Default Admin notes Advanced ( transfer data from the older Admin Notes db)

    ZC-1.5.5e, PHP 5.6.32, Database patch level 1.5.5

    I have the older admin notes database 'notes'. I only have 8 records.
    The field structure of 'notes' and 'notes_categories' seem to be equal.
    I have access to the C-Panel phpmyadmin.
    What would be the best way to effectuate the transfer.

    ie. export records from 'notes' and then import into 'notes_categories' ?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Admin notes Advanced ( transfer data from the older Admin Notes db)

    Unfortunately it looks like not much help has been provided. Might I suggest filling in some gaps regarding things like the download link for each of these two applications or something more than a table name?

    Afterall, there may be an upgrade path available for the one, or perhaps it is as simple as changing the table name. Don't know without more information either made available or sought. :)
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