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    Default Choose an Attribute - Pattern or Color

    We are making a fabric awning for Campers, and now the customer can choose a solid color, or a design pattern. Not both.

    Is there a way to select one, and have the other unavailable - or - select one, and the other is not required and won't show in the cart.

    I'm using drop down menus due to the large number of Option Values.

    And, I realize that having solid colors and patterns together in one drop down solves this, but in our particular case we want them separate.

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    Default Re: Choose an Attribute - Pattern or Color

    Unfortunately, Zen Cart does not have the option of selecting "solid or pattern" and then presenting the customer with the options available in their selection.

    Often overlooked is the option to use the attributes controller to allow the customer to select but also make sure they select.

    If you added Option Names of Solid and Pattern you could add selections to each (Option Value). The first option in each is Please Select and marked a YES for Used for Display Only when adding the Option Name to your product. You would also mark it as Yes for Default Attribute to be Marked Selected. Adding a second Option Value of No Thanks would complete the mandatory items and colors/patterns would be added next. I recommend using sort order 0 for Please Select, 10 for No Thanks, and continue by 10s (20, 30, 40...) as you add items. That way, you can go back and insert something new later without having to re-order everything.

    You now have a product (you can have it with only solid, only pattern, or both) that will force the customer to make a selection. They cannot add the product to the cart IF they make a selection. NOTE: If using only one drop down, you would not need the Option Value of No Thanks.

    In the scenario of using BOTH solid and pattern, Zen Cart does not have a way to prevent the customer from making a selection of No Thanks in each drop down. However, the customer generally recognizes what's happening and makes a proper selection.

    Without the use of Display Only and Default Attribute, the customer could add the item to their cart without ever telling you what they want.

    There are also ways to make the Main Image change as they make their selection by adding an image to the attribute.

    Many options available.



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