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    Default admin sign-in + email reset

    1.5.5e zc is all set up for 1st time. Went to admin sign-in, signed in with superuser and temp pw DENIED lol, inserted email address for reset NO EMAIL SENT. I checked php and both my username and email address are present. I sent a TEST email from my storefront also thats thats not sending
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    Default Re: admin sign-in + email reset

    Was this Zen Cart 1.5.5e setup as a "fresh" installation or did you install the files and upgrade an existing database?

    Are there any myDEBUG-adm-*.log files present in the site's /logs directory?

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    Default Re: admin sign-in + email reset

    Sorry to hear. Perhaps you could fill in the gaps on some information that could make trouble shooting this easier. At the same time I assume that you would just like to gain access to the admin.

    So first things first, the FAQ that describes how to obtain/restore access to the admin:

    Then comes the questions. From the description it appears that this is a fresh build using either the demo products or no pre-existing data.

    The files used to install this version of ZC came from?

    The fact that no emails have been received implies that the email subsystem has not been setup to support emailing and that once you are able to access the admin you should be able to troubleshoot the email operations. Advise looking through the FAQs for email troubleshooting.
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