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    help question Can I build a store and then hook into an existing site?

    I currently have a PDGcart that I have had for 10 years and love it - You own the code and can customize it. BUT they have gone out of business. So I want to use a zen cart but don't want to loose my SEO ranking.

    Been reading up on the cart its self... still not too sure on how to customize it yet.

    I want to find out the best way to install a zen cart and get it set up, then somehow transition it into the current site with out a lot of down time? Hoping to pull it off over new years.

    I JUST set up a Responsive Classic Template v1.5.5e zen cart on a different server so I can get familiar with the cart and admin, need to study it. I was hoping to be able to skin the zen cart with my current responsive home page which is in php?

    I guess my question is it better to build the entire site on the test server or is there a way I can install a zen cart on the end destination server, set up the products and hook it in...? Looking for directions :)

    Any ideas and help is much appreciated!!! Any documentation or tutorials you can suggest for me?



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    Default Re: Can I build a zen cart and then hook into an existing site?

    Biggest issue to deal with is likely url "matching" or redirects, but as for building/rebuilding at least one resource is:

    As for "where" best to build. If you consistently use referential style programming (links etc...) then it really doesn't matter where the site is mainly generated because if the relative environment is the same then the new site can be placed directly wherever it is to be placed and keep on chugging. :)

    As far as templating... Well, there's a lot that can be done, and yes it is built via php related information. Most of the template part though captures/displays the information that is collected in the background. Setting up a store over the holiday, sure, making it look exactly like your existing? Maybe, but wouldn't bank on that aspect.

    Learn about the template system and overrides. Search/look through the FAQs as there is instruction to handle each of the potential conditions (move from server to server, move from one directory to another, etc...)
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    Default Re: Can I build a zen cart and then hook into an existing site?

    What you may find frustrating with the responsive_classic template is that it gives color calls that often effect some areas you didn't want to touch. Heading colors may be mixed with link colors, etc. I think it was a step too far in attempting to minimize the size of the stylesheet.
    Here's what I would do.
    From static, new install, add the color change mod to replace the responsive_classic.
    Pick a color scheme for the color change mod and change only the colors at first.
    Use lat9's clone a template to clone the color mod to a new template of your choosing.
    You now have your own personal template AND a clean backup to help out when you munge something up. Most of all, you won't scrfatch your head wondering how that one button changed color when you just wanted to change a text color in a form.



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