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    Default Gift certificate email in multi-lingual store


    I have looked on the forum but I couldn't found an answer ( maybe I missed it)

    I have a question about sending gift certificate emails in a multi-lingual store by me as admin.
    When I want to send my customers an gift certificate, they receive the standard mail in English.
    However I also have customers that I want to send a Gift certificate but the send email should be in Dutch or German.

    Is this possible and how do I do this?


    Have ZC 1.5.5 running

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    Default Re: Gift certificate email in multi-lingual store

    I have not checked it, but normally emails are send, using the session language. So by switching your admin to the preferred language, the mail should be send in the correct language.
    Also be sure you have the required language directories in your email directory.



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