My Zencart site was recently hacked and I decided to update from 1.5.1 to 1.5.5 as part of the fix. Setup a localhost server on my W7 machine and installed Xampp/Apache, MySQL, etc. Got everything going up to the point of updating the database from the old one from my website. When I installed Xampp I didn't put in a password for the SuperUser (me - not the best move I find out) but when it came time to update the database for Zencart, it required a password! Trying to change the password (in phpmyadmin = MySQL) didn't work (if I changed to 'password required', then MySQL wouldn't recognize the database. I can't get the database updated without a password but there isn't one and adding one renders the database unusable - catch22. Any ideas? Is there a way to stop Zencart from requiring a password for the "SuperUser"?