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    Default Shipping modules?

    So it has been a while since I had to configure shipping...a few years.

    Today i installed 155f and noticed that there are no shipping modules in the shipping.

    Flat Rate flat
    Free Shipping Options freeoptions
    FREE SHIPPING! freeshipper
    Per Item item
    Per Unit perweightunit
    Store Pickup storepickup
    Table Rate table
    Zone Rates zones

    Isnt there supposed to be usps ups?
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    Default Re: Shipping modules?

    Both are downloaded from the Plugins tab.

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    Default Re: Shipping modules?

    As @haredo indicated, those shipping modules were removed from the "core" Zen Cart distribution in the zc1.5.1 timeframe (September, 2012) and are now available as plugin shipping modules.



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