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Hello everyone:
My site is:http://www.schlabs.com.ar/sales2/
Is a fresh install and i can say that until now is working ofline.
I am stuck into some that must be simple, but i cant find how do:
I dont know how configure the following shipping table cost. Based in the following zone:

Live in Buenos Aires city: u$s 10
Live in Buenos Aires nearby: u$s 12
Live inside Argentine: u$s 15 up to 5kg u$s 20 up to 20kg.
North and south America: u$s 30 up to 0.5kg, u$s60 up to 10kg
Europe: u$s 35 up to 0.5kg, u$s60 up to 10kg
Asia,Africa,Oceania: u$s45 up to 0.5kg, u$s70 up to 10kg

I apreciate any help, and thanks in advance