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    Default ZCA Bootstrap 4 Template [Support Thread]

    I am officially taking this template out of (BETA) stage!

    This will be the new Support Thread moving forward.

    Download at:

    As of v1.0.4

    - Bootstrap 4.
    - Responsive.
    - 3 Column Layout (removes right column on product info, shopping cart & checkout pages).
    - Option to include the Product Notification and Manufacturer Info side boxes on the product info pages.
    - Mobile Friendly Drop Down Menu.
    - Tabbed Login Page.
    - Order Progress Bar on Checkout Pages.
    - Modals replace popup Windows (except shipping estimator).
    - Optional Additional Images Modal w/ Carousel.
    - Option to have all Listing Pages use a Columnar Layout (products_new, featured_products, products_all and index&cPath).
    - No (almost NO) Stylesheet.
    - Added Color Stylesheet.

    - Demo is here:
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