Creative ways of defeating SPAM!

Its a never ending war to stop advertisers from wasting our time while maintaining the ability to communicate with our guests and users. You may never stop it without affecting user feedback.

I was adding to my blog about coding Honey-pots and some of the ideas behind it. Things I use on my own site. We keep talking about the idea of honey-pots and non-CAPTCHA style of tests, but only CAPTCHA was ever created as a mod!

Instead of discussing what one can code, I've created a simple mod for two honey-pots and a non-Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart or non-CAPTCHA. The auto-install of 9 Configurations in Layout Settings is to aid in non-coding changing of field names and settings for the slider.

Based on ZC1.5.5f

What's in it..
An update to the hidden input field should_be_empty.
A new hidden set of two radio fields that also tests as empty or false.
A non-hidden user adjusted answer slider, the non-CAPTCHA part of this mod.

I wanted to Keep It Stupid Simple with the least amount of added or affected pages. In use on my contact us page.