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    Default Upgrading from 1.38a to 1.55 - Payflow Module question

    I'm in the first steps of upgrading my store from 138a to 155f. I have a fresh copy of 155f installed as a demo to take a look at.

    In v138, I am using a module named:
    "PayPal Payflow Pro - Gateway"

    However, in v155 In the Payment Modules, this is not available, but I see "PayPal Payments Pro".

    Is this the same thing?

    - Stephen

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    Default Does "Payflow for Paypal" module work on 1.5.5?

    I am updating from 1.39a to 1.55f. I am now at the step of reinstalling and configuring payment modules.

    I Use "PayPal Payflow Pro - Gateway". Does anyone know if this module should be OK to install on 1.5.5? (It says for 1.5.4):

    I mean, I guess I'll try it... but I wonder if anyone else is using this on 1.5.5?



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