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    Default rbarbour Bootstrap vs Responsive Classic for next version?

    zc1.5.5f, Responsive Classic Clone, Canada Post, IH5, OPC, Colorbox, Attrib Image Replaces Main, SbyA, and other mods. Php 7.1.13

    Over past year I shifted my small site from Responsive Sheffield Blue to Responsive Classic clone and have been continuing to tweak. Meantime, I've also downloaded and set up a test site using RBarbour's Bootstrap Template and have modified a few of the mods that I use, while other mods are beyond my abilities to change. As I am a perennial noob, these tasks are more laborious for me than for someone who actually knows what they are doing ;o)

    My question - is it in the zen cards that the Bootstrap template will come to replace the Responsive Classic in the zc out of the box file set? I'd like to focus my attention a few steps ahead if this is likely.

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    Default Re: Bootstrap vs Responsive Classic

    For now, 1.5.6 is at least looking at responsive_classic with the color change mod added. Also looking at making some of the changes easier through admin setting changes versus manual editing of colors.

    I can't speak to subsequent versions.
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    Default Re: rbarbour Bootstrap vs Responsive Classic for next version?

    rbarbour Bootstrap = ZCA Bootstrap 4 Template

    I'm flattered @soxophoneplayer that you think this template is good enough to be part of ZC out of box. However compared to the responsive_classic it is IMO just not there yet.

    I for one think it still needs tweaking, some additional options that are standard in other e-commerce solutions & like the responsive_classic it should also have an admin controlled stylesheet for at minimum the basic layout.

    Again, just my 2 cents!
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