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    Default Additional Shiiping Options Required in Zone Rates


    I have the requirement to have a clickable option for shipping at checkout for a couple of different circumstances. I have searched shipping modules but they provide far more than I require.

    1. for Australian based (domestic) customers, an Express Post option
    2. for International customers an option for Priority shipping

    I use Zone Rates as all Australian based sites ship within Australia and Internationally and for sites hosted in the U.S. targeting that market the product is shipped from Australia.

    I am aware that there is an excellent Australia Post plugin by RodG however it is an overkill for what I want to do.

    Reason for requirement:
    All my sites are currently v1.5.1 but in the process of being upgraded to 1.5.5f and using a modern (sidebox-less) template look - so on the sites currently I have domestic express post and international priority as 'products' and use an image in an editable sidebox to alert customers to this and also some added text to the checkout page suggesting they consider adding priority shipping particularly for international customers - it is very messy indeed and very hit and miss.

    Shipping internationally from Australia is less than wonderful with the options being 'economy parcel post' (non-tracking) and 'standard parcel post' which has tracking as standard - it is now Australia Post's 'standard' method so some bright spark in marketing in Australia Post (AusPost) has named it 'standard' - imagine asking a customer in the U.S. to pay extra for a shipping method called 'standard'? Another reason why a standard AusPost API based module would not work. We have avoided making shipping the tracked method as standard because of the cost of shipping - for many items the economy shipping rate is $15 for a $45 item (average) so about plus 33% on the cost of the item (needless to say we get a lot of drop outs from checkout page ) so to make that a trackable shipment makes it about $19 - if the customer is OK with $15 they may be OK with paying the extra $4 for priority

    So what I would like to see is in Zone Rates an additional editable option for each of the 3 Zones for Priority Shipping and for that to then reflect in checkout as an add on cost, e.g. normal shipping cost shown as it is now then with a radio button selection for 'priority shipping' $x
    1. is this possible? OK, anything is possible, especially in ZenCart - is it easy enough to facilitate by me with some help I suppose is what I meant
    ... or
    2. will it require a developer to develop a program for me? (if so I can advertise in help wanted)


    if there is a simpler solution I am all ears

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    Default Re: Additional Shiiping Options Required in Zone Rates

    Seems to me that if using the zones module, a related result could be obtained by cloning the module, changing the text as appropriate and applying the associated fee(s). It wouldn't necessarily offer a "check-box" but would at least be able to offer the desired information.
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