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    Default Using 1 picture for a lot of products.

    I would like to use the same picture for all the products in a category but I don't want to individually set each of them.

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    Default Re: Using 1 picture for a lot of products.

    There's several ways this can be done two of which include: A sql statement can be run against all product that have a master_categories_id for your desired category. You could get familiar with a mass import/export utility that would support applying such a change.
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    Default Re: Using 1 picture for a lot of products.

    Can you explain the reason for doing this? You may be getting yourself banned by google for duplication.

    It's my experience when seeing this that attributes would be the better way to go if you are separating items out by size, qty, etc.

    Having several products with just the difference of small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, and xxx-large would be better off as one listing with the customer selecting a size from an attribute drop-down.

    The more the items with the same image are alike, the more likely the SE penalization.



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