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    Default Re: Address Book Entry - not saving when primary is selected

    Quote Originally Posted by chadlly2003 View Post
    But mentioned if you leave checkout page and go to my account and change information there that when the issue comes into play.
    Think I'm getting it... the Account edits should not affect the checkout entries... theres a edit address button for checkout shipping and billing that does affect the checkout addresses and are different files then what's used in account edits.

    If a customer logs in to there account, adds a address or changes primary address before adding an item to there cart, then that primary address is used.. Once a item is in the cart, the address can only be changed during checkout by the edit button and not the account address button...

    The new address in the account can be selected from the cart address edit.. it some what keeps the customer on track during the checkout process and not confused by going to there account edit pages to make checkout changes...

    Primary is just a convenience to the customer... During checkout, they can select or add any address they wish for billing/shipping, new addresses are added to there account total addresses and are available during checkout..

    If the customer is unable to change address during checkout for shipping or billing, that would be a problem... I've not used FEC for some time or have a copy, but if I remember right, there was some checkout page edits..
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    Default Re: Address Book Entry - not saving when primary is selected

    The presumed "fix" for this could be: if in the primary account area, the cart has items in it and the ship to address session has been set, to offer a check button or similar to set this newly assigned default address as the ship to address. The "check button" could be an additional button instead of a checkbox. Either way the information would need to be "captured" and processed.

    A similar "feature" may be good for the payment address, though if that second feature were added, then would suggest a checkbox for each so that the address area would be visited one time to assign both addresses as the same instead of visiting it twice to then click a button.

    Further for customer experience, when those session values are set, it may be of benefit to display the currently set session value(s).
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