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    Default Product shows wrong price on site but correct on product page

    Iíve noticed after adding a product and putting in the price that after I updated the currencies to only have US$ and CDN$ the price on the site calculated to the US$ even though I have the CDN$ set as the default.
    When I updated the currency using the provided services it shows the US$ is .7 something and the price seems to reflect that.
    The only way I found to fix it was to take out the .7 exchange rate and put that to 1.0 like the CDN$ is.
    I removed the Australian, GB and Ä currencies because Iím only looking to sell locally.
    The only two currencies I have left now are Canadian and US $.
    Not sure why it would transfer to US $ if I have the default currency set to Canadian.

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    Default Re: Product shows wrong price on site but correct on product page

    The tutorials are your friend.

    It's not so easy to search the forum as its rules don't quite match what we're familiar with in Google and others. A google search of "set new currency as default Zen Cart" will lead you right to this page. Searching Google with the Zen Cart on the end often shows far more options than the forum search.



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