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    Default Account Address Book Floating Boxes

    This is just a simple template edit of the account address book. Basically, I set the address, edit button, delete button, and created a primary button into boxes. The add address button is in itís own box and only shows if the address book is not full. The boxes have in-line styles which keep them sized so they respond to the screen size there inÖ lining up in rolls of 2-3 or stacking if on a phone screen.

    In-line styles instead of style sheets, this is so not to mess with the fieldset tags throughout your site.

    On my site I styled my boxes and used matchHeight.js to make them all the same size. When I redesigned all my forms, I removed the primary checkbox on the new/edit address forms.

    Based on ZC1.5.5f responsive classic template and not tested below that version.

    sending into plugins now..
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    Always forward thinking... MySite..



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