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    Default Payment Module No Edit Panel
    Attempting to submit an order returns a 500 error.

    There is no way to edit the Payment Module. All unused payment methods have been deleted from includes/modules/payment

    The edit panel does appear for Shipping and Order Total.

    Server Host: ( OS: FreeBSD 10.4-RELEASE-p9 Server Date: 08/09/2018 16:54:57 Server Up Time: 4:54PM up 70 days, 15:16, 0 users, load averages: 1.31, 1.13, 1.24HTTP Server: Apache/2.4.34PHP Version: 7.1.18 (Zend: 3.1.0)PHP File Uploads: OnUpload Max Size: 50MPHP Memory Limit: 128MPOST Max Size: 50MDatabase: MySQL 5.6.31-logDatabase Host: ( Date: 08/09/2018 16:54:57Database Data Size: 3,590 kBDatabase Index Size: 728 kBMySQL Slow Query Log Status: OnMySQL Slow Query Log File: /usr/local/var/slow_log1MySQL Mode: NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION
    Zen Cart
    Zen Cart 1.5.5f
    Database Patch Level: 1.5.5
    v1.5.5f [2018-06-19 16:32:05] (New Installation-v155f)
    v1.5.5f [2018-06-19 16:32:05] (New Installation-v155f)

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    Default Re: Payment Module No Edit Panel

    That's most likely because you removed payment methods that were previously configured. That server-500 is normally accompanied by a myDEBUG-*.log file in your /logs directory that identifies the source of the error.

    Note that if a file's name is myDEBUG-adm-*.log, that the log's information will include the name of your secret-admin-directory.

    That said, you can post the contents of one of those log files (use the "CODE" tag, the big # in the menu bar when you're writing a post to 'surround' that information).

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    Default Re: Payment Module No Edit Panel

    Payment modules are accompanied by a corresponding language file. Deleting one without deleting the other may be triggering your errors, which are causing the payment processing to abort and your edit pane to not display.

    See also: for more information about debug logs.

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