you should do some reading up on databases and tables and fields.... it is very basic stuff....
So that's where I started. In my case video tutorials on the basics of databases, tables, and using phpMyAdmin.

I was able to insert the table and use ZC's error logs to guide me after I started getting errors. So far, I've been successful at adding the new field to my music product creation page; and the values of the new field (with which I populated the new table) show in the associated drop-down menu.

I'd like to be able to populate that table via the Extras Admin Menu, however the new field doesn't appear there. I know with the introduction of ZC 1.5.0 the method for doing so has changed. I've reviewed but still don't quite understand. After I get the "Media Format" option in the Admin Extras menu, and get the values to show on store pages, I should be able to call this modification complete.

so, please TRY and keep everything in the new file that i referenced above. you will thank me in the long run.
I recognize the value in keeping ZC as upgrade friendly as possible. For now, I'm doing all of my work on a test site and keeping good backups as I go along. Just getting this to work (anyway I can) will be a major milestone for me. I plan to set up a fresh test site after this and implement your suggestion above. Due to the addition of previous modifications and add-ons (and all of the experimentation and guesswork that went along with trying to install them), I have some pretty sloppy files and file structures in my ZC. So a fresh start at a clean, upgrade friendly ZC will likely be justified. Thank you.