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    Default Scheduled posts' availability / Make public on a certain date


    I was wondering for some time if it is possible to do the follow thing within the admin panel, being helped by plugins or whatsoever. I usually prepare news/products and I want them to publish on the next day at 0:00 AM. How does that one get to do that within Zen Cart? I guess I can create a custom php file with the help of CRON, too. But I was wondering if there is such a thing existing already.

    1) Prepare a publication/product.
    2) Submit it as not available (OFF) and choose a time and/or time to be switched to available (ON).
    3) When the right time comes, it becomes available to the public and the date it displays as added is the current date, not when prepared.

    Might be done with the help of .php script, database columns (don't really know the structure of ZC) and CRON jobs.

    Thanks in advance! Looking forward to hearing your ideas.

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    Default Re: Scheduled posts' availability / Make public on a certain date

    For each product's definition, there's a Date Available entry which, if not empty, identifies the date on which which the product is automatically made available at midnight.

    What plugin are you using for the news?

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    Default Re: Scheduled posts' availability / Make public on a certain date

    And then as far as the "date-added" information, that is a separate field that can be accessed with a sql statement or by adding the field to be displayed; however, is by default set with the information of when it was added/created.
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