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    Idea or Suggestion Upgrade to PHP Version 7.2 - How to do it?

    I am using the following Versions:

    Zen Cart Version 1.3.8a
    PHP Version 5.6.38

    My Provider is discontinuing the above PHP-Version and my Website will
    only work in future whe I do upgrade it to PHP Version 7.2

    I don't understand anything about how to do this....
    may you point me into the right direction?
    Please in a way that I am understanding....

    Any support would be soooo appreciated.

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    Default Re: Upgrade to PHP Version 7.2 - How to do it?

    First, check your hosting cannot allow PHP7.1. If not, find someone who will.
    Current ZC (v1.5.5) will work on 7.1, but not 7.2.

    You have a lot of work to do to update to the current version (congratulations on your obsolete ZC not getting hacked, you have been fortunate).

    Trying to add in 100+ edits from the development version 156 to get the current version to work with 7.2 is more pain you should avoid for the moment. Wait until ZC 156 is released.
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    Default Re: Upgrade to PHP Version 7.2 - How to do it?

    The general how to is an instruction on how to use current up-to-date software, incorporate changes that have been made to reflect the desired output and an update of the database to the then current expected structure. This is accomplished through an upgrade by rebuild as provided here:

    And would be highly recommended over trying to "patch" individual sections/code while still claiming to be on an older version...

    As pointed out by torvista, should see what is possible to support php 7.1 as ZC 1.5.5f supports that as the highest version where the not yet released 1.5.6 will support php 7.2. So, if 7.1 can still be used in that site, great, do the full upgrade to ZC 1.5.5f.
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