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    Default Slow loading website


    just finished a new site (new install with updated database 1.5.3) with the responsive sheffield blue template.
    But the website has a long loading time, this was not the case with the old site.

    Can anyone checks if there is a script thats slowing down the TTFB, or could it be due to a slow server/host?

    Server Host:
    HTTP Server: Apache/2PHP versie: 5.6.33 (Zend: 2.6.0)
    PHP File Uploads: On
    Max upload grootte: 128M
    PHP Memory Limiet: 256M
    POST Max grootte: 128M
    Database: MySQL 5.6.38
    Database Host: localhost (
    Database datum: 06/12/2018 09:02:10
    Database Data Grootte: 616,342 kB
    Database Index Grootte: 63,818 kB

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    Default Re: Slow loading website

    Here a test made with

    So it is clear the problem is in the first bite, takes over 4 seconds before website starts to load

    Name:  test.jpg
Views: 53
Size:  84.6 KB

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    Default Re: Slow loading website

    Just a quick look tells me your main page is going to over 50 http sites in order to render! A view source shows 3,353. Cleaning that up will make a major difference.

    Are they really links to items off-site are could they be linked internally?
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    Default Re: Slow loading website

    I agree with dbltoe that not much optimization has been done... But I think it SQL slow. Under Configuration >> Logging >> turn on Display The Page Parse Time. It should (if your template isn't broken) display a line in your footer on the catalog side.

    The rewrites don't help either. In my experience Zen Cart rewrite modules slow the website 10% or more.

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    Default Re: Slow loading website

    Sidenote as well, the footer links are kind of....screwy. I'm guessing you used a template where the left column of the footer was nearly on the left side of the screen and you added "left:50px;" to the element #flex-navSupp .flexFooterCol.ffCcol1. As a result, that first column is overlapping the second column.

    Most likely this change will fix it in stylesheet.css:
    instead line 416 being: #flex-navSupp .flexFooterCol.ffCcol1 {border:0;position:relative;left:50px;}

    make it:
    #flex-navSupp .flexFooterCol.ffCcol1 {border:0;position:relative; padding-left:50px;box-sizing: border-box;}

    "left" is shifting the whole column to the right. Padding will instead add the buffer you are looking for and box-sizing: border-box; will do it in a way that doesn't expand the width.

    And the site is throwing this error in DevTools:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'className' of undefined
    at CBPFWTabs._show (cbpFWTabs.js:65)
    at CBPFWTabs._init (cbpFWTabs.js:43)
    at new CBPFWTabs (cbpFWTabs.js:28)
    at (index):3678

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    Default Re: Slow loading website

    ensuring that your site is on a host that utilizes SSDs, in my experience, is the single best way to ensure a faster loading site.

    cleaning up all of the other things as indicated by sites like:

    is also quite helpful.
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