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zen 1.5.5f - php 7.1

anyone ever seen this error (fake admin address):
[02-Dec-2018 00:34:13 UTC] Request URI: /adminxxxxxx/edit_orders.php?page=1&oID=243424&action=update_order, IP address:
#1 zen_round() called at [/home/honor/public_html/includes/classes/currencies.php:94]
#2 currencies->value() called at [/home/honor/public_html/adminxxxxxx/includes/classes/editOrders.php:436]
#3 editOrders->eoRoundCurrencyValue() called at [/home/honor/public_html/adminxxxxxx/includes/classes/editOrders.php:441]
#4 editOrders->eoFormatCurrencyValue() called at [/home/honor/public_html/adminxxxxxx/edit_orders.php:475]

[02-Dec-2018 00:34:13 UTC] PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/honor/public_html/adminxxxxxx/includes/functions/general.php on line 1783