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    I have re built my websites on a computer with a much higher screen resolution and had not realised it was making a difference until I have switched back to an older laptop.

    When I view the website I have a scroll bar along the bottom. So the page is too wide I think?

    However I cant remember which of the many things I have changed, will fix it!

    I looked on inspect element however it doesnt seem to change it.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

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    You have a lot of unclosed HTML tags. That can cause the issue you are having:

    Line 217: <div class='slidesjs-container'>
    Line 217: <div class='slidesjs-control'>
    Line 217: <a>
    Line 217: <a>
    Line 217: <a>
    Line 217: <a>
    Line 217: <ul>
    Line 217: <a>
    Line 230: <div id="mainWrapper">
    Line 261: <ul id="navigation" class="nav-main">
    Line 481: <div id="navSuppWrapper">
    Line 488: <div id="flex-navSupp">
    Line 489: <div class="section group">
    Line 490: <div class="section group">
    Line 490: <li>
    Line 491: <div class="section group">

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    Default Re: Page width...

    Looking through the FAQS about changing the page width, the general discussion was to modify the width parameter of #mainWrapper in the stylesheet. That was set to 100%, so not sure what would have been done to modify it unless there was a desire to make it a set value which would cause other displays to have a "scroll bar".
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    Default Re: Page width...

    Best to go flexible/fluid widths (eg width:100%;) for small screens followed by max-width for big screens (max-width:1400px;).

    IIRC These go in your default css file with the largest wrapper tag after the body tag.

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    Default Re: Page width...

    I believe it is the dropdown menu running across your page - beneath the logo - that is causing the page-width overflow, particularly the

    #navigation {
       width: 1350px;
    in stylesheet_dropdown-menu.css

    If you adjust, or perhaps, remove that then you won't have the overflow issue but you will still need to work on the widths/padding of the individual categories.



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