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    Default 1.5.5 and later upgrade issue for Advanced Shipper Users

    Users of Advanced Shipper:

    When doing your upgrade from 1.5.4 or lower to 1.5.5 or higher, you might get stuck in zc_install with the log

    [11-Feb-2019 09:23:52 America/New_York] MySQL error 1406 encountered during zc_install:
    Data too long for column 'shipping_method' at row 12270
    ALTER TABLE orders MODIFY shipping_method VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';

    Your symptom will be the message in zc_install which will be something like:
    "Cannot upgrade to 1.5.6; your database must be updated to 1.5.5 first."

    Your best bet is probably to remove the check in includes/systemChecks.yml (line 299-303).

    This issue was originally reported here:

    I'm just adding this thread to help people searching for this problem.
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    Default Re: 1.5.5 and later upgrade issue for Advanced Shipper Users

    Thanks. Appreciated.
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