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    Default Sales rep option with their own customer list / managment

    Zen Cart Version: 1.50
    PHP Version: 5.3.29
    MySQL Version: 5.5.62
    Addons: Easy Populate, Easy Populate 4

    We're trying to find a way to allow our sales reps to write orders on behalf of their customers. We don't want these reps to have admin access to play around with our entire customer list or mess around with the website. Rather we only want them to be able to work with a specific list of customers assigned to them. It would also be nice if they could manage their own list of customers. For example add, or change their customer details. We run a wholesale company and have to control who gets access to our website, so we don't allow the public to see prices. Individuals have to be approved internally here before they can shop. Also, we don't want to create any security vulnerabilities in the process.

    We've tried ideas mentioned in this thread.

    We're also aware of this addon and have played around with it, but concerned about the security implications.

    Does anyone know of a way to accomplish the above, or at least point us in the right direction? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Sales rep option with their own customer list / managment

    You'll want to partner with a developer who can build a solution that meets your needs. Try posting in the commercial help wanted forum, with a summary of your requirements.
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    Default Re: Sales rep option with their own customer list / managment

    You'll want Twitch Wholesale running with Twitch Restrict to create an 'affiliate-only' login split.

    So affiliates could simply log into the live site and have what appears to be admin access and customer/order list access but really you have complete control in the real admin.

    That means you would have a live site that could see:

    Guests, Retail, Wholesale, Affiliate Sales as independent logins.

    Bridge the admin with Admin Login as Customer and you could effectively be the tech/phone support for any of the types of clients you have.

    Twitch POS (unreleased) would then connect your bricks and mortar office/warehouse directly to the online site - live inventory, customers, sales, shipping, orders etc. The 'orders' could be tagged to the affiliate and with their live site login 'manage' their own client list (using the new Twitch Customer Delivery Group Matrix injection/associative code).

    This type of hybrid code has been custom built for three of our clients in the past and although sounds complex - once it is installed and setup for your needs it is quite simple to upgrade to newer Zen Cart versions. Our last client also received a complete instruction manual for training employees.
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