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    Default install error I dont undrestand

    zen cart 1.5.6 from 1.5.5
    php 7.2

    when testing the upgrade in the install log file (when i update data base) I get the following error twice

    [20-Feb-2019 18:26:25 UTC] MySQL error 1292 encountered during zc_install:
    Truncated incorrect INTEGER value: '1474:6680eadd31fc98a6ff9f3772ee89c8ae'
    FROM zen_products WHERE products_status > 0);

    can you point me the the right direction to fix prior to update.
    Mark Brittain

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    Default Re: install error I dont undrestand

    That issue should be corrected in the to-be-released Zen Cart 1.5.6b.

    See this Zen Cart GitHub commit for the change needed.



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