ZC 1.5.6a

So, as I am trying to redesign homepage... I browse forum and found out that there is a link that can make the top level categories to be displayed as category page by attached the following index.php parameters to the end of the website domain.

The result of that page is looked like this image in this link...

However, it seems to be that I cannot modify this page in anyway, since it is generated due to parameter of category = 0, which is not accessible on admin page.
Also, this page listed both types of "product types," which is I do NOT wanted to listed in this manner as I used the "document product type" as "rental categories."

So I am start to wonder if it is possible to set parameters so that I can make 2 separate (EZ-)pages where one page for product categories (`product_types`.`type_id` = 1) and another page for document categories (here used as "rental categories" ... `product_types`.`type_id` = 3), while also able to add texts on the top of those pages.

... or I have to make new page and files and customized like in "Define Page Editor?"