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    Default Emails break when I change PHP versions

    I had a client who I have worked with previously that was running Zen Cart 1.3.9, a bunch of changes made to his hosting pretty much stopped his store and we had to upgrade. Early last year I got 90% of the work done on moving him to 1.5.5 but didnít pull the trigger for various reasons. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and he HAD to so I just picked up with 1.5.5 and finished the work (lazy but fast). The issue is that he is on PHP 5.4.6 and I want to move him up to 7.1, if I change the PHP on the server the site works but email wont send.

    Here is the error: ERROR: Failed sending email to: "" with subject: "ALERT: Your Admin settings have been changed in your online store." SMTP connect() failed.

    I have been searching around and testing and I am hitting a road block. I am not well versed in PHP, web is not something I do often so some of the troubleshooting I have been working with takes a lot of time and error for me. Anyone have tips or tricks I should be looking for? The owner plans to upgrade to 1.5.6 at the end of the year as well so I would like to get working on PHP 7.1 by then.

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    Default Re: Emails break when I change PHP versions

    have you connected your store via SMTP or php mail() function? any errors in log file?
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